Remo Williams DVD Key ArtI had the opportunity to work with BemisBalkind on a freelance assignment for the redesign of the home entertainment key art for the re-release of this title when it was acquired by MGM.

The funniest thing was, that I had done the key art and packaging for the original release of this title when it was owned by Orion Home Video.

Remo Williams VHS original Orion Home Video Key Art

The original key art I had designed for Orion Home Video

MGM told the agency that they hated the original design, but they had no idea that the exact same designer (me!) was doing the new key art art design. Hahaha!

It was also very fun because for some of the comps, I was the body double for the Joel Grey character (second row, second and third comps), when we did a quick in-house photo shoot; I happened to have a karate outfit that I would don as around-the-house casual wear!

The comp shown in the first position is the one that they selected.

Art Direction and Design for DVD Key Art Comp Presentation: James Suelflow

Creative Director: Gregg Porth, BemisBalkind

End Client: MGM Home Entertainment.


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