James Suelflow Design — (formerly of Los Angeles, now located in Scottsdale, AZ) is a boutique design agency, specializing in Corporate Communications, Retail Visual Merchandising, Web Site Consultation and Strategy, and other client support services.

About James Suelflow

With extensive experience among multiple disciplines, Creative Director James Suelflow (“Jim” to his friends and clients) brings unique insights into corporate communications, and offers a wide variety of design and related services.

Jim’s long-standing associations with several top Los Angeles agencies has yielded ongoing work in corporate, packaging and visual merchandising with some of the biggest brands in electronics and entertainment. His portfolio contains projects for Microsoft’s Windows, Office, Xbox and other brands; many major movie studios and their home entertainment divisions; and non-profit organizations.

Suelflow maintains a tight list of clients to allow for very personal, focused and rapid development of print, packaging, and related advertising needs. He has been a primary graphics source for many of these companies, some for over 15 years. This list of clients includes or has included UCLA’s Alumni Association, USC Healthcare, UPS, entertainment advertising agencies throughout Greater Los Angeles, Orion Pictures, PolyGram Pictures, iWerks Entertainment, Richard Shapiro Antiques, Dream A World Children’s Education & Entertainment, Live Your Dream Designs Pop-up Greeting Cards, artist Andre Miripolsky, author Gail Minogue, Martin Kedzior Fine Furnishings, a Dental Education company, and many more.

Although no longer providing comprehensive web site development, Mr. Suelflow has had extensive experience with WordPress site design and management. These projects leveraged the powerful open-source and other premium development tools of the WordPress platform to build robust sites with outstanding SEO, that helped his clients climb up organic search rankings, while allowing them control over site content and modifications.

Prior to his WordPress revolution, Jim gained 12 years of “traditional” web design experience, utilizing PHP programming for front-end and back-end interfaces, advanced HTML and CSS capabilities, Flash, MySQL, custom database integration; plus online retailing and mobile web capabilities. His design strategies focused on clear and organized presentation that allowed site visitors to quickly find information and achieve their goals. Jim still does limited online and digital consulting upon request.



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